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Privacy Policy

QDI, in order to respect its internet users and the digital media law, through the privacy policy herein, set forth the conditions under which the information provided by users will be used.

All data sent by users, customers and Internet users received through this website, especially those of a personal nature ("personal data"), are for the exclusive use of the developer for the purpose of contact. Such data will not be made available for any other purpose, except for the developer and eventually to sales broker and, in relation to the latter, only in cases in which the customer wishes to obtain information about the developments posted on the website.

The Developer may use the registration data to contact users for surveys about the service, including about customer satisfaction levels regarding the sales staff.

QDI may assign the personal data to other group companies, considering as companies of the QDI group all existing companies or those to be incorporated, directly or indirectly controlled by QDI companies. Confidential information can only be shared, in addition to the cases specified in this policy, upon the user’s consent or for compliance with any law, regulation or court order, or if any fraud is detected by the user.